Storm Glass Weather Predictor

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♥ STORM GLASS  This creative glass weather predictor is a gorgeous and fascinating piece of craftsmanship suitable for your balcony, living room, office desk, bar, bedroom, or bathroom.  The storm glass was an instrument devised in the 17th century as a weather prediction device.  Storm glass has recently started gaining in popularity as a gorgeous and unique home decor item that rarely fails to spark people's imagination. Intrigue your guests with this exotic centerpiece.

★ The liquid inside transforms based on the weather!

  • During cold weather beautiful fern-like or feathery crystals develop at the top and sometimes throughout the liquid.
  • During warm weather the crystals dissolve and the upper will become perfectly clear.
  • When the upper portion is clear and flakes of crystals rise to the top you can expect increased wind and stormy weather.
  • In cold weather if the top of the liquid becomes thick and cloudy it signifies approaching rain.
  • In warm weather if small crystals rise in clear liquid, rain may come.
  • Sharp points int the fern-like crystal structures are a sign of fine weather; but when they begin to break up and are badly defined, poor weather may be expected.


  • S : 12 * 6cm (No wooden base)  
  • M : 12 * 6cm (With wooden base)
  • L : 18 * 8cm  (With wooden base )
  • XL : 22 * 10cm  (With wooden base )

 Even though storm glasses are NOT reliable for weather prediction, they make for a perfect gift or home decor centerpiece.  This is for entertainment purposes only.