Little Buddha Back-flow Incense Burner + 20 Incense Cones

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♥ This piece has Buddha sitting and meditating beside a slow smokey waterfall. Perfect for your living room, bedroom, meditation room, yoga room and bathroom our Little Buddha Back-flow Incense Burner adds a touch of escape and mysticism to any setting.  Allow it to help you escape the stress of the day and settle you in for for some quiet productive time.  

★ Included in this offer are 20 pieces of back-flow cone incense in random scents.

★ Makes an excellent small gift for art lovers and those that enjoy eastern accessories.

★ What's in the package : 1 X Incense burner + 20 random pieces of back-flow cone incense.  The cone incense aromas are fruit, roses, carnations, lavender, lily, jasmine, mint, and wormwood.

★ Burning Time : 10-15 minutes.  Incense Burners are primarily used indoors. Although this burner can be used outdoors, the back-flow effect is best created when it is lit indoors without any wind to disturb the flow of the smoke.

    Material : Ceramic

    Size: About 5" x 3.5".

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