DIY Removable Wall Mirror Stickers

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 Perfect DIY Removable Wall Mirror Sticker set. Multiple styles and colors to fit your tastes!  Lots of opportunity for your imagination to take over.
★ Safe and Non-Toxic: This acrylic wall decor is non-friable and won't corrode or discolor. Clear and reflective like a glass mirror, but not sharp or fragile and won't damage your walls.
★ Removable: These DIY Removable Wall Mirror Stickers can be easy to placed and removed without damaging your wall. There is a protective film on the front of each piece that is used to protect the surface during shipping and handling. Please make sure you peel it off before using.
★ Light Weight: Our mirror decals can be fixed easily by provided double sided adhesive tape..
★ Lots of Applications: Works as a TV backdrop, on a sofa wall, around a window, door, or closet, in a nursery, bathroom, bedroom or office.