Consider your space

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Meditation is a way of expressing one’s thought on something.  You already know that your meditation period is special – maybe one of the few uninterrupted times you'll have in a given day.  So why not add an element of color or uniqueness or something that makes your time yours?  Perhaps create your own secret spot for meditation – it may be just a little place in the house where you often like to go on a daily basis.

It is worth noting that the meditation room or space is not compulsory for meditation. You can meditate wherever and whenever you feel - in the garden, at train station, at work, in the car or at the airport while waiting for your flight. The impression is that if you plan to create space for lone meditation or you also could redesign the space in your home for that purpose.  Here are some things to consider.  

open lake

Have a place of your choice that is exceptionally quiet: Maybe you have a view of lush green trees or soothing blue waters or an attractive flower garden, that can’t be better. As the room is most likely used for other purposes you can choose a small corner in this room for the meditation.

Moreover, if you prefer to use a more isolated space you can still be imaginative and garnish the room to create a congenital environment or something exceptional you would love for a beautiful meditation experience. You can put a picture or painting on a wall that represents a pleasant natural landscape for a similar effect to be close to nature.

Keep the surroundings clean and neat as this will help you relax and feel comfortable.  Allow lots of fresh air: A light and airy room will help you understand your meditation even better. A light breeze or gentle smell will enhance your experience of the present and keep you grounded in the 'now'.  

By Joffers951 [CC BY-SA 4.0  (], from Wikimedia Commons

Light and color and shadows also work: Pale or light colors can provide a soothing relief to the atmosphere. You can freely choose a room with white or light walls to help you chill. Or you can also consider setting up a wallpaper of your choice to give you a similar dreamy effect. Comparable, window and curtains can augment the space to add more depth and texture to your room.

Smells offer an excellent mediation experience.  If you want your room to have a pleasant smell, you can choose from a variety of scents. Whether it's odorous sticks of incense or essential oils and make sure the room / space is well-ventilated.  You wouldn't want your experience inundated with anything that could become distracting.

Sounds can be a bit tricky.  Some people do will with sounds in the form of background noise; either artificial, like white noise, or environmental, like people going about their day in a public place.  Music works well for others.  Soft instrumental music is popular while other prefer something droning and repetitive.  Remember, the idea is to disconnect from the stress and distraction and center yourself in the moment.  Allow yourself a change to better connect with the environment around you and your inner self.